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It takes 3 simple sections to create a shipping label

  1. Enter Sender, Recipient, and Package information
  2. Pick the carrier and service and pay discounted postage online
  3. Print the label and tape it to the package

You can then ship the package by either schedule a pickup on our website or drop it off at a carrier’s outlet.


USPS refunds can be processed through our website. The processing time for refunds is 14 business days, after which the funds will return to the original form of payment, and refunds must be requested within 30 days of purchase (per USPS regulations). To get the refund, a shipment must not have been scanned by the USPS. They can have been included on a SCAN form but that SCAN form can’t be scanned.  Time limit for USPS refunds is 30 days. After that you will not be able to get a refund per USPS rules. UPS and FedEx refund requests can be made within 90 days of label creation before being used.


Volumetric weight is a dimensional weight that is calculated based on the volume of container and is compared to the actual weight.  Carriers will charge you the heaviest weight between the two.

  • Domestic: L x W x H / 166 = Dim Weight (cubic inches) OR L x W x H / 6000 = Dim Weight (cubic centimeters)
  • International: L x W x H / 139 = Dim Weight (cubic inches) OR L x W x H / 5000 = Dim Weight (cubic centimeters)


Shipping insurance is provided by Fireman’s Fund and Lloyds of London.  The maximum coverage is $10,000 but can be increased on case by case basis.  In order to file an insurance claim with us, you would need to provide:

  1. A copy of email or signed letter from the package recipient advising of damage
  2. Photos showing actual damages from multiple angles (possibly circle out the damage areas)
  3. Contact information and insurance claim amount
  4. Email all of the above information to

NOTE: Package recipient must hold the damaged items in the event they are requested during claims processing.


In order to better service our customers, we have built the price calculator into the shipping label buying process.  One of the important features is that you can compare the prices across different carriers for your custom packaging in a single screen.


The Parcel List is basically a list of any shipments you created and have not made payment for.  You can replicate and create a new label from a previously saved shipping label.


If you complete an order, you can track your package by going to ‘My Account’ page, click on the link of the tracking number. OR Find the tracking number on your shipping label and track it on carrier’s website:

  • FedEx:
  • UPS:
  • USPS:


* Per rules of USPS and its affiliated partners, USPS charges will be refunded in 14 business days

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