Shipping APIs ensure that developers don’t have to worry about their deliveries as with just one click of the mouse button, they will be able to track multiple deliveries and inform customers about the whereabouts of their packages in real-time.  Most of these APIs involve the developers inputting just one code to access their entire system to get the information they need.  It allows them to create shipments and validate addresses as well to make sure the packages go to the right receivers.

These APIs are also equipped with safety codes to make sure the customers are not spammed, that they are informed by email regarding the status of their shipments and also include messages in their emails that can generate further sales  like information on discounts related to the customer’s purchase for example.  The best parts that your company gets to save in operational costs in the long run because of less mistakes made and less items returned since it promises nothing but efficiency in sending out the items and better control over shipping activities.

For the longest time, shipping logistics has been a challenge to manage with so many things that can go wrong at any time.  Thanks to shipping APIs, this challenge  has become more manageable and it is an innovation that has definitely improved all aspects of retail and eCommerce by leaps and bounds.  So consider integrating them into your online business operations and you can expect more profit to  come.

We can help you to integrate multiple national as well as regional carriers and their shipping capabilities to your platform, marketplace, website, or mobile application. The service allows you to get rate quotes in real time, address validation, and print on-demand discounted shipping labels.

  • Multi-Carrier: allows your applications to access several carriers via a single API service
  • Real-Time Quoting: allows your applications to get a quote in real time based on sender and receiver addresses
  • Shipping Label Printing: allows your applications to print shipping labels in both PDF or PNG formats
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